Time: 2:25 PM

Yvonne’s journey of self-discovery began in her early twenties, prior to which she was relentlessly pursuing what she had been socially conditioned to believe would bring her happiness. However, the pursuit of status, success, materialism, and external validation took a toll on her, leaving her feeling depleted and unfulfilled.

Her first encounter with yoga, which believes was serendipitous, marked a turning point in her life. Yvonne discovered that practicing yoga and meditation provided her with a sanctum to focus on her mind and body, enabling her to be fully present in the moment.

Over time, her consistent yoga and meditation practices led to a transformational shift in her thinking and a deepening of her spiritual connection. Yoga became the cornerstone of her personal journey of awakening, as well a tool for facilitating the healing of others and guiding them on their unique paths.

After studying under esteemed spiritual practitioners for many years, Yvonne has developed a structured approach to healing using a range of spiritual techniques and practices that allow her clients to connect to their highest self potential in this lifetime. As an empath, her innate ability to tune into others’ emotions and thought patterns has enabled her to help her clients uncover their own healing processes. Through guided meditations, sound healing, tarot, reiki, and akashic record readings, she has witnessed profound transformations that reveal a deeper connection to oneself through awareness.


Time: 2:10 PM

Nomadic Odero Vibrations is the spiritual journey of OD Odero. A Polymath Designer, Tech Expert, Academic, Fashion & Travel Lifestyle Photographer.

OD is also an ardent mental health advocate, a decorated US Army veteran captain, an officer graduate of the US Army Medical Center of Excellence and the Co-Founder of Island Tribe. He has a background in clinical Psychology and emergency medicine with a profound interest in holistic and spiritual healing methodologies. He infuses his extensive knowledge to lead healing experiences through guided restorative bio-hack meditation, breath-work techniques, emotional intelligence, and indigenous wisdom.

OD adopted meditation at the early age of 13yrs old. He is a public motivational speaker and has traveled a profound spiritual journey through various cultures and religions of the world; having traveled to over 100+ countries seeking wisdom in indigenous rituals and wellness practices.

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Analía Barbieri

Time: 2:35 PM

Analía Barbieri’s transformative journey through yoga practice led her to a profound realization: living with intention, forging connections with nature, people, and nurturing creativity was the path to fulfillment. However, this wisdom clashed with the hectic, high-pressure environment of Mexico City’s fashion industry, leaving her with little opportunity to experience it fully.

It was only when she decided to break away from the bustling cityscape and make a fresh start in the serene beauty  of the Riviera Maya, nestled along Mexico’s northeastern Yucatán Peninsula, that Analía found the synergy she longed for. In this tranquil paradise, she discovered the beautiful fusion of her fashion career and spiritual quest, allowing her to harmonize her passions and embark on a truly transformative journey with yoga.

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