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Bernie is widely regarded as one of the founders of the modern wellness movement. He has built an extensive track record championing new products and businesses at the intersection of pharmacy, supplements, cosmeceuticals,  nutrition, organics and integrative health – all delivering life-enhancing solutions that promote heightened vitality and exceptional health around the globe.

Bernie began this unique journey when he founded the Great Earth Vitamin chain, which he managed and grew to become America’s second largest retail nutraceutical and vitamin chain with 200+ locations in 18 states as well as in Japan, Spain, Italy and Brazil. Through his training and customer service processes, Bernie supported, educated and empowered tens of thousands of consumers, patients, doctors, and health practitioners.

Bernie is the founder and innovator behind Earthbar, the original “food as medicine” business. Earthbar has 30 locations in California, including several within high-end sports clubs and at airports, and some with naturopathic wellness clinics There is an authentic and life-affirming story behind every ingredient at Earthbar, from blueberries harvested in the north of Alaska. and providing 10x the anti-oxidants of other berries, to the only clinically proven stem-cell Korean skin care line, to extremely pure CBD edibles which help manage sleep, anxiety and pain. 

A licensed pharmacist for 52 years, Bernie was inducted into the California Hall of Fame of Pharmacy in the Hall’s very first year. Bernie is an avid traveler and student of holistic healing, art, history, food and personal growth. He once spent a year on the ground researching the first edition of The 100 Best Spas of the World; he has interned with Michelin-starred chefs in professional kitchens across France; and he has completed pharmaceutical and botanical safaris in Africa. Bernie’s global business network includes many colleagues, suppliers and
franchisees throughout Asia, Europe, Latin America and the Middle East.

Carrie “Ms. NFTy” Lyn, has been managing and developing businesses for 20++ years.  The passion for being a part of making her Client’s dreams come to life with the balance of their personal and business successes fuels her.  Clients become FAMILY. 

We are building together!

In 2021, Ms. NFTy identified the need to educate the upcoming generations in Web3, and launched a Web3 educational program for foster youth in Los Angeles County.  She became Magic E. Johnson’s partner and Web3 advisor in 2021. She then became a part of the Women of Web3 with Senator Bob Hertzberg, whom pushed policy for the State of California that lead to passing policy that established California issuing vital records on blockchain as of 9/22.  She is a part of the APE Coin DAO, WG0(Working Group Zero), defining the foundation of the DAO.   

LearnVille, the Learn to Earn App, was born in 2023 through 14 years of her proven techniques combined with Web3 technology. We are onboarding inner city High School Students and 20,000 HBCU Students, launching 2024. 


I’m an Asian American girl from Northern California, who spent half my childhood on a farm and the other half in Southern California by the beach. I appreciate being raised in a Chinese home, where education, morals, ethics and respect are held in the highest regard. I am passionate about music, law and people.

I went to UCLA paralegal school, and managed law firms. I went to Long Beach State for Accounting and Harvard Business School, focusing on Disruptive Marketing, and managed artists, brands and people. In 2016, my two youngest brothers (stereotypical smart Chinese kids) led me to crypto, where I then led my clients to, which changed all of our lives.


OD Odero is a mental health advocate, a decorated US Army veteran, and an officer graduate of the US Army Medical Center of Excellence. He has a background in clinical Psychology and Combat emergency medicine with a profound interest in holistic and spiritual healing methodologies. He infuses his extensive knowledge to lead healing experiences through guided restorative bio-hack meditation, breath-work techniques, emotional intelligence, and indigenous wisdom.

OD adopted meditation at the early age of 13yrs old. He has since formulated restorative bio-hack meditative and breath-work techniques used as alternative somatic therapy for relieving fatigue, depression, trauma, and stressor-related disorders like PTSD. He also leads the Island Tribe Wellness veteran’s healing experience initiatives that support US military veterans healing from service-related traumas.

OD Odero has traveled a profound spiritual journey through various cultures and religions of the world, having traveled to over 100 countries seeking wisdom in indigenous rituals and wellness practices. He is a motivational speaker and an adjunct graduate university professor 0n executive leadership, global economics leadership, and clinical technology, in International MBA programs. He also holds a Master’s Degree in Diplomacy, specializing in international conflict resolution and arbitration.

Danica Collins, MS, NBC-HWC : FOUNDER Dia-Log the Insulin for Your Soul

Danica Collins, MS, NBC-HWC, is a luminary in the realms of holistic well-being, diabetes management, and healthcare innovation. With 15 years of health and public speaking under her belt, Danica is not just a communicator but a transformational leader who empowers individuals to take control of their health.

As a Board-Certified Health and Well-Being Coach and Global Healthcare Executive Consultant, she merges traditional healthcare strategies with holistic practices, including her own approach to managing diabetes. Danica has a rich history of driving impactful change in large health systems and has saved clients over $50 million through strategic implementations in the last two years alone.

A passionate advocate for diversity and health equity, she also stands as the founder of Dia-Log the Insulin for Your Soul, a groundbreaking platform that offers holistic care options for those managing diabetes, featuring the exclusive Dia-Log Lounge membership community. Her key expertise are in Holistic Well-Being & Mindfulness, Diabetes Management, Sustainable Health Solutions and Empowerment & Advocacy

Step into Danica’s world of transformative healthcare insights at the Island Tribe Festival, where Conscious Creativity reigns supreme. Embrace the power of mindful well-being and artistic expression as she shares tools and knowledge to elevate your well-being in every facet imaginable. Welcome to a journey that marries healthcare innovation with holistic wellness. Join the Tribe and be part of the magic of positive change!

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