Island Tribe

Island Tribe is a collective of like-minded individuals who have come together to celebrate a lifestyle rooted in fashion, holistic living and spiritual awareness. At the heart of their philosophy lies a deep commitment to slow fashion, wellness, and conscious living, creating a sense of unity and community amongst the Tribe.

Nestled in the vibrant desert city of Palm Springs, California, Island Tribe is a unique and enchanting destination where fashion seamlessly intertwines with wellness. The creative visionaries behind this brand are Angeline Hayling, a renowned designer, stylist, and author, and “OD” Odero, a polymath designer, photographer, educator and mental health advocate. Drawing inspiration from their extensive global travels and diverse cultural encounters, Island Tribe beautifully encapsulates a captivating fusion of influences that set it apart.

Island Tribe is more than just clothing; it’s an invitation to embark on a transformative movement. It’s a journey that encourages self-expression, celebrates individual style, and embraces holistic well-being. Through the brand, Island Tribe not only advocate for sustainable practices and nature preservation but also advocates for artisan global craftsmanship into every piece they create. Island Tribe is a testament to the power of fashion, wellness, and consciousness coming together to create a harmonious lifestyle.

Dan Eldon Collection

Dan’s Art and Photography have appeared in scores of galleries globally, and are featured in prestigious private collections, including those of Diana Rockefeller, Madonna, Julia Roberts, Christiane Amanpour and Bruce Weber.

Dan Eldon was born in London in 1970 to an American mother and a British father. Along with his younger sister, Amy, Dan and his family moved to Kenya in east Africa in 1977. Kenya remained Dan’s home for the rest of his life, and though he traveled often – visiting more than 40 countries in 22 years – he always considered Africa home.

Dan’s father led the east Africa division of a European computer company and his mother Kathy, an Iowa native, was a freelance journalist. Kenya was a popular destination in the late 1970s and 1980s; it was more politically stable and economically secure than most African nations, and the bountiful wildlife and perfect climate made it all the more appealing. Dan and Amy grew up with a constant stream of interesting visitors at their dinner table. Frog researchers, opera singers, filmmakers, reporters, and politicians were just some of the people who populated the Eldon household. In 1982, Dan narrowly missed being caught up in the coup in Kenya, but he was around to experience the aftermath of that political upheaval. Early on, he joined his journalist mother on her assignments, and soon was taking pictures, which were used in the local newspapers.

Inti - Spirit

INTI-SPIRIT is a brand originally founded in Mexico City but is now based in Tulum, Mexico. The brand specializes in creating unique and artistic hats that can be worn for various occasions. The founder, Analía Barbieri, who is a Yogi, emphasizes the spiritual and personal aspect of wearing these hats. Her move from the bustling fashion scene of Mexico City to the serene Riviera Maya allowed her to merge her passion for fashion with her spiritual journey.

Analia Barbieri has developed strong connections with traditional hat makers from different regions of Mexico, including Mexico City, Merida, and Guanajuato. These relationships inspired her to start Inti Spirit, a company dedicated to preserving the art of hat making. She collaborates with skilled milliners to craft personalized, handmade hats using natural materials such as stones, feathers, coins, and up-cycled fabrics.

One of the key principles behind Inti Spirit is the idea that the journey itself is just as significant as the final product. This philosophy is reflected in both the way Analía runs her business and her approach to life.

Zanatany Concepts

Zanatany, means child of the Earth in Malagasy, a belonging and cultural affirmation. We have lived in Madagascar all our lives and have loved sharing, living and working with the Malagasy people. This inspiration has oriented us to expose some of the most beautiful handcrafted pieces today in the world of fashion.

While keeping sustainability at the heart of our work, we are working with a natural fibre, the raffia. The raffia fibre is soft, pliable, strong, durable, easy to dye and biodegradable making it an excellent material for weaving baskets, hats, mats and rugs.

While we create more work and income for a country that is largely left behind, we hope to make a local difference in some families by bringing additional income to help the next generation grow.

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