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Over the years, Island Tribe has fostered a dynamic community – A Tribe that has flourished not only in California but around the World. We host this Festival in the same spirit of community, art, music, fashion, holistic living, and sustainable wellness. We are so grateful for all the individuals, brands and organizations that have joined our efforts to the success of Island Tribe Festival.

Gratitude !

Holistic since 1971.

Every wellness journey is different. Ours started in 1971, pioneering a national shift away from prescription pads and towards a more holistic approach to wellbeing. Since then, we’ve been known for nourishing the most health-obsessed humans on the planet.

For progress-seeking people, everywhere.

To us, wellness isn’t about making a bad thing better. It’s how we become better at being human. We opened Earthbar with hopes to create a community of people striving to be way more than healthy. What started as a simple vitamin business has since expanded into a fully integrated wellness space with education, health screenings, quality products, trainings + more.

Pushing Wellness Forward.

Earthbar has been on the forefront of the health space for the past 50 years, and we plan on keeping it that way. Our promise to help everyone be way more than healthy keeps us on an endless search for the best in wellness. And we won’t stop until every human has reached their potential.

Psychedelic Water® is built on the ethos that psychedelics are more than something you consume; ‘psychedelic’ is a state of mind that fuels creators, mavericks, groundbreakers, risk-takers and free-thinkers. We are spreading the gospel of psychedelics through approachable, accessible products that leave you with a tongue-tingling feeling of happiness, mental clarity, and creative bliss.

Created with a one-of-a-kind formulation made with kava root, damiana leaf and green tea leaf extract, Psychedelic Water® creates a sense of euphoria perfect for work, play, and adventures that await.


As a successful Wall Street executive, I thought my biggest concerns should be how to break through glass ceilings, not my constant skin issues. I had breakouts, sensitivity, redness, bumps, all making me self-conscious instead of self-confident. That “moment” came when I was having martinis with my friends, and we were talking about how our skin stresses us out. 

Masktini products use high concentrations of clinically-proven actives, plus they feel and smell great. 

Soukie Modern is a Moroccan owned brand based in Palm Springs, CA that offers a finely curated collection of vintage Moroccan rugs, textiles and home accessories.

“I always go back to my roots. They are the most pure example of a simple life. I’d be working and building with my hands. Making things that are beautiful and useful Surrounded by the family I have, and the family I hope to one day create.”

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